01. What is the Tiny House Post site for?

The Tiny House Post site was built out of necessity. There are many people in the tiny house community that have a need and more times than not, someone else has exactly what they want. This comes in the form of services or goods. Here’s an example, a tiny house dweller has finished their tiny house build and has found themselves with tools they no longer need and extra materials they would like someone else to use. The Tiny House Post helps brings those two people together in the form of free classifieds. You can post your free classified here. You must create a free account to post.

02. How do I post an ad?

Before posting an ad to the site, you must create an account on the site. This is done to prevent spam and irrelevant ads. Click on the “Get started” link on the top right of the site. From there you can create an account or login through several social media outlets. If you create an account through the site, an email will be sent to you. You can then login to the site with that password. You can change your password if you like. Once logged in, the “Get registered” ad on the top-right will now be “Post new ad.” Once your ad is posted, it will be pending review by the site’s administrator. You can update or remove the or create more ads under your account.

03. How will people know about my ad?

The Tiny House Post website is moderated and ran by the creators of Tiny House Listings which has a pretty darn big audience. We will be sending traffic from Tiny House Listings via the website and social media outlets until enough folks know about the site, making it more likely you’ll sell or find what you’re looking for.

04. How long will my ad remain active before it expires?

We are currently testing the optimal amount of time an ad will remain active on the site before it expires. If you login to your account, you’ll be able to see your active and inactive ads and repost them if they have become inactive. You can also update your current ads (change description, price, add/remove images, etc.)

05. How much does it cost to post an ad?

Absolutely nothing! The Tiny House Post is completely free to use. We run ads on the site to help keep the lights on. Once your ad is posted to the site, please do us a favor and share it with others on your social media pages to help spread the word. Thanks!

06. Can I put HTML in my ad?

Yes! When posting your ad to the site, the description box is makes it easy to ad text to your listing. This is very helpful if you’d like to link to your website for more info. Your are not allowed to post affiliate links in your ad. Ad found to have affiliate links will be removed from the site.

07. My ad was removed from the site, why?

Ads found to have offensive or vulgar images, words or material will be removed from the site. The Tiny House Post site is meant to serve the tiny house community as a classified marketplace to help providers and seekers find each other. Mean-spirited, hateful or vulgar ads assist in taking away from the purpose of this site and won’t be tolerated.

08. Where is this site available?

The Tiny House Post site is a global site! This means it’s available to everyone in the world who loves and wants to be part of The Tiny House Community! The prices listed are in US Dollars (USD). Get started here!


09. I have a tiny house for sale or rent, should I post it to this site?

No! The Tiny House Listings site is dedicated to the buying and selling of tiny houses. If you have a tiny house for sale or for rent you can post it on Tiny House Listings here.

10. I have tiny house parking available or need tiny house parking, should I post it here?

Nope. The Tiny House Parking site is available for people that have tiny house parking for sale or for rent, or those that need it. You can post a Tiny House Parking listing here.

11. I have questions that aren't answered here, help?

Please send all questions or concerns to support@tinyhouselistings.zendesk.com and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can.


Tiny House Post is provided courtesy of Tiny House Listings.